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March 31, 2019

Botulinum Toxin A (Botox) Injections

When people hear the word 'botox' the immediate association is facial injections for anti-wrinkle treatment and magazine gossip on the latest celebrity to suffer a "bodge job" from one too many botox injections.  P...

September 17, 2018

Plantar fibromatosis is a benign (non-cancerous) soft tissue tumour located at the bottom of the foot usually on top of the plantar fascia along the arch of the foot. It is also known as Ledderhose disease. Due to the location of this tumour, it may...

September 12, 2018

Tenex TX1 is a minor surgical procedure known as Percutaneous Ultrasonic Tenotomy (or Percutaneous Ultrasonic Fasciotomy in the case of plantar fasciitis). Tenex TX1 was developed in conjunction with the world renowned Mayo Clinic and is a new form o...

September 5, 2018

Diagnostic tests come in many forms, with each possessing strengths and limitations in their usefulness for diagnosing chronic heel pain that has failed to respond to treatment. This article will review the main diagnostic tests used to help diagnose...

September 2, 2018

Human Amniotic Membrane Injections for Plantar Fasciitis

When I first read about using placenta tissue to treat plantar fasciitis, I thought whaaat!? Are we getting that desperate to find a better way to treat plantar fasciitis? Who would be intereste...

August 6, 2018

Before we start, I just need to clarify the nomenclature pertaining to those weird and wonderful objects people put in their shoes. Most of you know them as insoles or orthotics. To be pedantic, the use of the word orthotics to describe the objects o...

August 1, 2018

There is an all too common link between poor, unsupportive footwear and plantar fasciitis. I see this association in my clinics daily. Unfortunately, this  is largely due to the modern shoe industry which focuses shoe design on fashion purposes inste...

July 29, 2018

In this article I discuss the idea behind strengthening exercises to help with plantar fasciiitis and take a brief look at some recent research into the effectiveness of strengthening exercises, along with me personal views on whether they are import...

July 28, 2018

Healthcare professionals are known for blaming a large number of health conditions on obesity for example, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis etc. Many plantar fasciitis sufferers that visit their GP (general practice doctor) are o...

July 26, 2018

This short article will look at PRP injections as a treatment for plantar fasciitis.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are a relatively new treatment that involves taking a patient’s own blood (usually from the arm) and placing the blood...

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