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My name is Benn Boshell and I am a podiatrist based in the UK.

Every day is a school day

 Plantar fasciitis and heel pain is my specialist interest and since I graduated 2010, there have been many changes in the understanding and treatment options for plantar fasciitis and other causes of heel pain. I pride myself in keeping up to date with the latest research and treatment developments which is one of the reasons that has enabled me to be the best at what I do. I am continuously learning and reviewing published literature in my field and I am also actively in contact with a wide network of professionals around the world which is a great resource for information and exchange of ideas. An interesting fact about me is that, since graduating, I have read and reviewed over 1000 articles, over countless cups of tea (and a few biscuits too!). I can't promise to make you pain free (and no other ethical professional should) but I can promise to give you the best standard of care available and together, we will give you the very best opportunity to improve your pain and quality of life.


I am  passionate about making you better

Heel pain is my interest but helping people feel better is my passion. I am passionate about giving my patients the best level of care possible and this is what drives me to be the best at what I do. I believe in the importance of building trusting relationships with each patient. Experience has taught me that heel pain is very complex and most patients require a very thorough assessment to achieve a correct diagnosis and additional time to learn about their condition and discuss a comprehensive treatment plan. I deeply care about my patients' wellbeing and treatment journey and you will notice that when we start working together. You will receive regular calls from me checking in to see how you are doing and to check whether you have been doing your stretches!

Not ready to book a consultation yet?


My services allow you to have a customised, personal experience and give you the best opportunity to improve your pain and hopefully become pain free, but what if you are not ready to book in yet or you don't have an opportunity to right now? 


As stated above, my passion is to help people, which is why my website offers a  wealth of free educational resources to empower you to help yourself. I appreciate plantar fasciitis and heel pain isn't the most fashionable topic which is why I try to synthesise information in a concise way that is easy for everyone to understand so I really hope the material provided will be helpful for as many people as possible.


A little more about me


If you would like to learn a little bit more about me then please read on. I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Podiatry. I started my first job as a podiatrist working for the NHS in Greenwich, London. After gaining experience, I was able to progress to a new post for the NHS as a Musculoskeletal Specialist Podiatrist and part of the podiatric surgery (foot & Ankle surgery) team based in Portsmouth. I have also previously worked as part of an NHS  podiatric surgery team in Buxton, Derbyshire.


Throughout my career  I have continued studying and gaining additional qualifications in my field and I completed my Masters degree in Podiatric Surgery at The University of Brighton in 2016. I have an extended scope of practice which means I am able to offer additional expertise and treatments than those provided by most podiatrists. Some example include the ability to refer and interpret diagnostic imaging tests (x-rays, ultrasound, MRI).  and performing ultrasound guided advanced therapeutic injection therapies. I was one of first podiatrists in the UK to provide extracorporeal shockwave therapy and have vast experiencing using this to treat plantar fasciitis and other causes of heel pain. I am an independent prescriber which allows me to access and prescribe prescription only medicines for the benefit of my patients.

I created a youtube channel in 2012 which offers practical demonstrations of exercises and other educational tips and advice. I published a book in 2017 'The Plantar Fasciitis Bible' which is aimed at educating heel pain sufferers and health professionals on the causes of plantar fasciitis, whilst analysing the best treatment options available to treat it.


I am the host of The Heel Pain Expert Podcast, which is developed for other health professionals so that they can keep up to date with the latest developments and research on plantar fasciitis and heel pain and I have been invited to speak on other colleagues podcast about heel pain.

My Qualifications


2010 - Podiatry BSc (Hons) Degree. University of Southampton

2010 - Member of the College of Podiatry

2010 - HCPC Registered Podiatrist

2011 - Accredited Injection Therapy Training. The College of Podiatry

2013 - Shockwave Therapy Training. Spectrum Technology

2016 - Podiatric Surgery MSc Degree. University of Brighton

2017 - Lower Limb Ultrasound Scanning Short Course. Sheffield Hallam University